Katja Bjørn

Katja Bjørn lives and works in Aarhus, Denmark. She is an autodidact video artist with a Master’s degree in Study of Religion and Art History from Aarhus University. She is a member and curator of the gallery, Spanien 19C (since 2004) and served as a member of the Danish Arts Foundation (2014-2016). Recently she chaired the municipal think tank for cultural policy on the visual arts. Katja Bjørn’s works unfold thematically between the conglomerations of body, nature and culture. These interests find expression in video sculptures, video installations and performances which are often mixed and renewed in innovative constellations. Læs flere


Katja Bjørn: Cave Woman, 2012.
Katja Bjørn: A Ride on the River, 2018.

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