Salon: Between the eye and the seen
14 Nov 2021  15-17

A conversation based on the text Between the gaze and the seen by Helene Johanne Christensen and the series of photogravure-works Overlap by Munk & Jerichau.

How to interpret a text written from an artwork. Does it open up an understanding of the work? Is it lyrical, more philosophical or art historically analytical? The text written for Overlap invites the reader and the viewer on a walk.

“A curtain, a piece of tarpaulin, a window, the façade of a building, a potted plant. A network of branches reflected in a window, light and shadows. Simple, recognizable elements from the city. Surfaces of color and photographic images overlap each other. The fern-like arc of a cactus catches my eye. Something else, maybe, catch yours.”

An opaque piece of tarpaulin is made slightly transparent in the printing process and partly covers windows, plants. Blinds doesn’t close entirely, there are small cracks. What conceals also reveals.

In the exhibition Overlap the two artists have merged their eyes. Technically: They have created a series of photogravure-works in which their individual photographs, transferred to transparency sheets and later to print plates, have been added together so that they overlap and form new compositions. More abstract: They have doubled the eye behind the camera, doubled the sender of the works. And have they, by doing so, to a larger extend made room for us, the viewers? Is it easier for us to step inside the works because the space was collaborative from the beginning? Because the images aren’t fixed, but doubled, shifted and blurred by the overlaps?

The event will take place in danish and english.
Free entrance.

Source: Enter Artspace


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Salon: Between the eye and the seen
14 Nov 2021  15-17


'Salon: Between the eye and the seen'