Munk & Jerichau: OVERLAP
12 Nov 202127 Nov 2021

OVERLAP is an exhibition presenting newer graphic works by the artist group Munk & Jerichau.

The motifs relate to the city: A curtain, a piece of tarpaulin, a window, the façade of a building, a potted plant. A network of branches reflected in a window, light and shadows. Simple, recognizable elements. Like taking a walk in a city. Spaces appear, fleetingly. Surfaces of color and photographic images overlap each other.

With their individual photographs as a starting point the artists have created a series of joint photogravure-works. They have put together their images; one print is placed upon another, so that they overlap and form new, geometrical compositions. In the space where the images meet; in the overlaps, new stories and new meaning appear. The artists have merged their eyes and, in that way, doubled the sender. The doubling of the view, the blurring of the images, the flickering of light and shadow create a kind of openness, add an ambiguous touch to the works. The viewer is invited to explore the space of the images and add her own experiences and stories to the many layers of feelings and meanings of the works.

Source: Enter Artspace


Enter Artspace
Montanagade 27, baghuset, 8000 Aarhus C


Opening hours during Art Weekend Aarhus:
12 – 14 november 2021
Friday november 12th: 15-19 (opening)
Saturday november 13th: 10-18
Sunday november 14th: 10-18


Munk & Jerichau: OVERLAP
12 Nov 202127 Nov 2021


'Munk & Jerichau: OVERLAP'