Opening: November Exhibition
12 Nov 2021  17-19

November Exhibition is the third exhibition, in a series of monthly exhibitions that will take place at the Jutland Academy, next year.

These exhibitions are organized to be open so that all students can contiribute, functioning as a space where the students can gain experience. By opening the doors and inviting people in, we hope to be able to create an additional dynamic, between the citizens of Aarhus and the academy.

The goal of the exhibition series is to provide insight into the life of a visual arts education, outside the major exhibitions, everything from new ideas, concepts, to process work and finished works are displayed.

The exhibitions are organized each month in a pop-up format, which means that they are only possible to see on certain dates, within the specified time period.

Source: The Jutland Art Academy

The Jutland Art Academy
Mejlgade 32-34
8000 Aarhus C 

Opening: November Exhibition
12 Nov 2021  17-19


'Opening: November Exhibition'