Artist Talk: Svend-Allan Sørensen
13 Nov 2021  10:30-12:30

Saturday 13 November 2021 at 10.30-12.30 Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts are hosting an artist talk with artist Svend-Allan Sørensen.

In Svend-Allan Sørensen’s artistic practice, the countryside, hunting, nature and especially the crow play a major role, while a strong literary inspiration is also pervasive. This starting point was clear in the solo exhibition The Crow, the Pig, the Hammer, the Screwdriver, the Ax & the Wrench, which was shown at Galleri Lene Bilgrav in the spring of 2021. Here the artist exhibited graphic manifestos and text works about crows, tools, greetings to other artists and a domestic pig.

The talk will introduce a retrospective look at the artist’s work with works from the period 2003-2020.

Svend-Allan Sørensen (b. 1975 in Kjellerup) was educated at the Funen Art Academy 1997-2002 and teaches at the four-year programme offered by the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts.

The talk takes place in Danish and is held in the Lecture Hall at Aarhus Art Academy.
Free entrance.
Source: Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts

Artist Talk: Svend-Allan Sørensen
13 Nov 2021  10:30-12:30


'Artist Talk: Svend-Allan Sørensen'