Tanja Nellemann Poulsen

For many years Tanja Nellemann Kruse has used words and text very directly in her artistic practice in the field some call art writing. The physical appearance of text-borne works that interact with the environment in which they are placed. Words and text as graphic organisms, text such as turned newspaper headlines or punctured threat letters. Nellemann Kruse’s work production revolves around current political and social issues. Where invisible (power) play and pretentious objectivity in the construction of a common identity are examined. The pervasive topics in her work production are nationalism, history writing and identity. Read more


Tanja Nellemann. Foto: Tine Hvolby

Tanja Nellemann Poulsen. Visual artist, born 1971.
Graduate from DJK, The Jutland Art Academy in Aarhus, 2001.
Lives and works in Aarhus, Denmark.

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Tanja Nellemann Poulsen: Omslag. Photo: Tanja Nellemann Poulsen.
Tanja Nellemann Poulsen: Don’t go back to normal. Photo: Tanja Nellemann Poulsen.

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'Tanja Nellemann Poulsen'