Marie Markman

Marie Markman is a visual artist, art consultant, landscape architect and PhD. Her art intervenes in urban planning projects and in landscapes. It deals with the coexistence among humans and between humans and other species (insects and plants). Markman finds that what is significant for her practice is partly that her art addresses scientific issues and contributes to discussing them, and partly that she increasingly works with 'fiction and science fiction' in her works. Science fiction because it enables the combination of 'entertainment' and critique and can aspire to 'a sense of wonder' - and dreams about the future.Read more


Marie Markman.
Graduate from Aarhus School of Architecture, 2015.

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Marie Markman: Nordart 2017 (The Danish Pavillion)
Marie Markman: Nordart 2017 (The Danish Pavillion)

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'Marie Markman'