Maja Ingerslev

Maja Ingerslev is a Danish artist who lives and works in Denmark. Her work is concerned with themes of nature and culture, visibility and disappearance, imagination and reality. Ingerslev’s photographs are linked to the tradition of staged photography and to land art with temporary installations in nature. Ingerslev has exhibited at The Northern Centre of Photography, Finland, 2013, at the 5th International Festival of Photography PHOTOVISA, Russia in 2013, in the selection of Encontros da Imagem, Portugal: Projections - Discovery Awards, 2017 and The Museum of Photography, Seoul 2018. Her work is held in the collections of The Danish Art Foundation, Aarhus Municipality, and the Image Collection at Galleri Image, Aarhus. Read more


Maja Ingerslev.
Graduate from The Jutland Art Academy in Aarhus, 2002.
Maja Ingerslev lives and works in Aarhus.

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Maja Ingerslev: Season is home.
Maja Ingerslev: Time can wait

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'Maja Ingerslev'