Luna Lund Jensen

Luna Lund Jensen works with creating fabulations and rethinking already existing narrative structures. Her works explore these narratives in previous works through themes such as human/animal relationships in 2d drawn animated video, application of human organs to lab mice in small scale sculpture, turning female demons from Japanese Noh theatre into vengeful protagonists in a filmed opera play, exploring the materiality and mythology of water by pouring water out of simulated antique vases in video, and the act of storytelling itself, through exploring oral storytelling practices in Nordic folk tales as well as text works. Throughout these works, Jensen suggests the use of storytelling as a tool for thinking. Read more


Luna Lund Jensen, born 1992.
Graduate from The Jutland Art Academy in Aarhus, 2020.
Lives and works in Aarhus.

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Luna Lund Jensen: Jeg er en kniv i din strube, jeg er sværdet ved din side, jeg er tænderne omkring dig
Luna Lund Jensen: My current grudge is the revenge for your disservice

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'Luna Lund Jensen'