Kamilla Askholm Jørgensen

Kamilla Askholm Jørgensen works with several mediums including sculpture, performance, writing, painting, workshops, Live Action Role Play and photography. Her focus is on relations, both human-to-human and human-to-nature. She investigates these relationships with scientific, physical, storytelling and poetic tools, and recently she has a special focus on a possible fusion of body, society and nature. She has exhibited at the Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art, performed at Den Frie Center for Contemporary Art as part of Sisters Academy, and produced at the State Art Workshops. She received the Danish Art Foundation work grant in 2017 and has since received production funds and local art grants. She has worked both with international and local artists, such as Dady De Maximo (RWA), Pablo Andrés (CL), Mark Durcan (UK) and Nina Runa Essendrop (DK) Read more


Kamilla Askholm Jørgensen

Kamilla Askholm Jørgensen. Born 1987.
Graduate from Funen Art Academy, 2016.

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Kamilla Askholm Jørgensen: Embodied Nature
Kamilla Askholm Jørgensen: Fear and Borders, in game, 2016.

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'Kamilla Askholm Jørgensen'