Agnė Juodvalkytė: Cosmic Thread
2 okt 202024 okt 2020

Agnė Juodvalkytė’s artistic practice, which has its roots in Lithuania, combines abstraction and figuration, reality and the imaginary.

In the exhibition Cosmic Thread, the artist presents her latest paintings, textiles and objects that have light and color as central focal points.

Photo: Agnė Juodvalkytė.

To Juodvalkytė, textiles are a tool for understanding culture, history and technology. She works with various materials such as textiles and clothing, including original textiles created by her grandmother in the countryside of Lithuania. In the works, she incorporates natural pigments, graphite, plants and a number of other materials.

Her works, often presented on a bodily scale, have an inherent movement that brings the past into the present. The multidimensional works unfold not only spatially, but also over time.

Thanks to the Kulturudviklingspuljen Aarhus and Tækker for supporting the project.

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Agnė Juodvalkytė: Cosmic Thread
2 okt 202024 okt 2020


'Agnė Juodvalkytė: Cosmic Thread'